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The Enthusiasm of the Desperate

This post was originally published on this siteEQ can help us achieve our goals and get through hard times, even cold, wet, and trapped in the shower.  How can EQ help us stay optimistic and make new habits? When we exercise optimism, shifting from powerless to powerful, we take on new challenges, and make positive change. Since co-founding 6seconds.org in 1997, I’ve found myself so much more aware, on a daily basis, of how emotional intelligence can help us move forward, solve problems, mend fences, and even see the world in a whole new way.  And, just this last weekend, I […]

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Stepping Out of the Shadow of Perfect

Our culture’s obsession with perfection, acts like a shadow on our hearts, minds and bodies keeping us from enjoying our lives. Always striving for elusive perfection, we’ve trapped ourselves into being chronically disappointed. What can be done to counter perfectionism? When we give ourselves to others we counter perfectionism with self-compassion and empathy In this life, what is truly perfect? I’d like to challenge you to count how many times the word ‘perfect’ comes up in a 24-hour period in your life. I raise suggestion because I seem to see this word everywhere, from advertising, which promises ‘perfect hair day’ or […]

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Not just SMART goals, setting CLEAR goals for success

This post was originally published on this site Have you been making lists each day but not making progress? Most goals are missing and essential component: emotional intelligence. Power up your goal setting with EQ. By adding the CLEAR method for setting goals to your SMART goals routine, you’ll boost your effectiveness. With CLEAR methodology you can use emotional intelligence in goal setting to increase collaboration and empathy, transforming your teams to high performing achievers.  SMART and CLEAR: Emotional Intelligence in Goal-Setting If you are like me, you began today by drinking something sweet and chocolate and making a list […]

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Teaching in the Age of Selfies

This post was originally published on this site    Welcome to the Age of Selfies, where we are so self-absorbed, self-promotional, and self-conscious we’ve lost connection with others. Is there anything we do to counteract it? Using emotional intelligence will help increase compassion and empathy. EQ in the classroom or boardroom helps build bridges between people and gets us to break free from the Age of Selfies. Here’s 6 how-to tips to build stronger relationships and help use emotional intelligence to increase compassion and empathy. Reject Rejection Think back for a moment to your first day at school when you were […]

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Feeling Stressed? It’s a Laughing Matter

This post was originally published on this siteStress is on the rise – especially after the recent election. Fortunately, a bit of emotional intelligence will help you dissolve stress the fun way: Humor! Here’s how to use emotional intelligence to fuel laughter to manage stress. When Was the Last Time You Laughed? The terribly stressful events of recent weeks–I write in the aftermath of the 2016 presidential election–might see some of us sinking into despair and to worry for our futures and those of our loved ones and our communities. No matter whom you supported, the escalation of tension in our […]

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More Kindness, Less Random

This post was originally published on this siteIn lieu of recent news, this message for kindness is especially necessary.  Let’s reach out and create more Random Acts of Kindness. Beautiful random acts of kindness are actually careful, often hard, choices that any of us can make. There’s no secret – it’s the work of applying emotional intelligence to do the right thing. Here’s how… and why. Random Acts of Kindness: Or a Careful Choice? We all make choices, we are constantly confronted with decisions where our actions affect others. How can we know in that moment what is “right” thing to […]

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Gettting Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable

This post was originally published on this siteHow can we take the next step in developing our emotional intelligence?  What’s holding us back?  By getting comfortable with being uncomfortable, we can break through our limits and really focus on our core values, leading to tremendous growth. Recently, one of my graduate students in my psychology class ended her journal with these words: “I want to set a goal of becoming comfortable with being uncomfortable.  I want to speak up more and challenge my tendency to only listen and stay silent.  I want to be more ‘in the moment’ and embrace […]

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5 Sound Principles To Live Life By

What has kept this goldfish alive?

It certainly hasn’t been my diligent cleaning of his/her home. There was algae growing up the side of the bowl and the water was pea green. It had been several days/weeks/ months past due for a cleaning. Thank heaven my son had been given a more regular “maintenance program” during his upbringing.

So, on this quiet and open Saturday morning, it seemed a reasonable activity. I put the goldfish in another bowl of clean, cold water and began working on the murky stuff.

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Surgery a Success!

Dear Friends and Family,

Surgery was yesterday and lasted four and one-half hours. First words from the doctor were: “It was a mess. I fixed it.” This was followed by considerably more medical jargon. He did report that it was one of the smoothest procedures ever–I believe this was because of all the positive energy being sent my way. Thank you very much.

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I Am Grateful

Recently, I was explaining to a friend about my upcoming surgery. Her reply was, “Kidney surgery. Yuk!” I thought she nailed it. It is certainly how I am feeling with the date now only three days away.

This all began with an ordinary kidney infection, which was discovered when I ended up in the emergency room with chills, a temperature—all indicators of another kidney stone—of which I have been plagued for over twenty-some years.

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