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 I Have Learned That

A few days ago, I received a post from a friend who was honoring the importance of friends in her life and she had forwarded a list from the late Andy Rooney about the things he had learned while living.

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Silver Note Memories

At Synapse, the important memories are our memories of the children – moments of innocence, of naiveté; moments of expectancy and excitement; moments of joy and laughter; moments of loneliness and sadness; moments of generosity and service. From my seven years at Synapse, I remember with joy…

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India and the Eight Basic Emotions

In November 2014, I spent 17 days (minus travel time), in India. This trip had been on my bucket list for quite some time and it cost me a nice chunk of my savings. As both my vocation and hobbyhorse circle around emotional intelligence, I was determined to pay strict attention to how this trip and my emotions would intersect. I looked forward to experiencing these emotions, which happened multiple times within any one day at home, with great anticipation. “Hooray!” I thought to myself, “I finally have a reason and an opportunity to see such items as the Taj Mahal!”

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Endangered Species – Preservation of the Human Mind

Synapse might be looked upon as a “rainforest to the mind.” If, as research suggests, the growing brain is physically shaped by experience (Diamond, 1988), then the human mind is being ignored and neglected by many educational institutions from pre-kindergarten to college. Today’s children, bombarded by a fast-paced media culture, are developing different and less powerful “habits of mind” than did children of previous decades (Healy, 1990).

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What Gets Me Up In The Morning

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What motivates you to get out of bed in the morning?
I am motivated to get out of bed by my noble goal, which is to use my voice (deliberately chosen to battle introversion) to balance accountability with compassion so that integrity floods the globe. When the velcro of sloth would keep me penned to the bed, I am reminded that only action makes it so. My noble goal is the fuel for my intrinsic motivation.

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6 Children’s Storybooks Every Emotionally Intelligent Adult Should Read

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This is a list of fabulous books you should read.

If you have a child, I recommend you read these books together and talk about the messages inherent within them. Discuss what the message means for your own life and share that with your child. And listen carefully to what s/he has to say about his or her own interpretation of the message contained within the book both for his/herself and his/her thoughts on your sharing.

If you don’t have a child, read them anyway. We can all play, have fun and take the message on board via these means. Great insights are to be had in just minutes. Think about the characters, the plot, what the take-away is for your own life. Bring some fun to the process, write down your thoughts, apply the lesson.

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