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Silver Note Memories

At Synapse, the important memories are our memories of the children – moments of innocence, of naiveté; moments of expectancy and excitement; moments of joy and laughter; moments of loneliness and sadness; moments of generosity and service. From my seven years at Synapse, I remember with joy…

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Endangered Species – Preservation of the Human Mind

Synapse might be looked upon as a “rainforest to the mind.” If, as research suggests, the growing brain is physically shaped by experience (Diamond, 1988), then the human mind is being ignored and neglected by many educational institutions from pre-kindergarten to college. Today’s children, bombarded by a fast-paced media culture, are developing different and less powerful “habits of mind” than did children of previous decades (Healy, 1990).

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The Value of A Lost Toy

It wasn’t gone, not really…just misplaced. I just need to search more diligently. It must be here someplace. I couldn’t believe it was really gone.

School was over — the last celebration attended, the last award presented, and the last speech delivered. I was in the process of clearing house — the doll house, that is (the big house remains sadly neglected) — when I discovered one of my favorite gifts, a small toy chest, had disappeared from its place in the attic.

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Change Makers Must Make The Most

Change makers, according to Ellen Winner, demonstrate some very specific attributes.

In her work, Gifted Children: Myths and Realities, Ellen identifies five.

  • They have a strong belief in self
  • They recognize that independence is more important than conformity
  • They see no difference between work and play
  • They are academic risk takers
  • They deal successfully with adversity
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The Importance of Channelling Your Child’s Gifts

Two children are sitting in a corner of the library. The first says, “Do you seriously believe that Shakespeare didn’t plagiarize everyone from Bacon to Marlowe? He should be considered exemplary for his purloining abilities alone.”

“That may be true,” answered the other, “but new research turned up by the British Museum, and interpreted by Professor Bartlett of Oxford, would seem to indicate…”

Individuals who tour Synapse often overhear such remarks and comment “What a pleasure they must be to teach.” And they are a pleasure!

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My Ten Favorite Books

When someone asks me what my favorite book is I usually answer, “The one I am reading right now.” I am clearly a bibliophile. I have been since my first grade teacher, Miss Rice, with her marcelled hair pulled back into a bun and those golden-wire spectacles, took us to a place called the library. I stood in the children’s section and said to myself, “I’m going to read every book in here.” That never happened, but I had fun trying.

I recently got challenged on Facebook to list my favorite ten books of all time. I thought you might like to know what I came up with.

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My Tribute to Robin Williams

I was lucky enough to know Robin Williams and be exposed to his comedic brilliance—that unbelievable ability to free association on an any subject or topic introduced into the conversation—even weird or rare ones.

Here is how I met him. 

The receptionist of the school where I was the Executive Director came in one and said to me, “Anabel, there is a Marsha Williams on the phone.  She is interested in placement for her son; however, she wants to speak directly to the director.  I do not know why.”

“Okay,” I replied and I picked up my blinking line. I am usually open for an adventure.  “Hi, this is Anabel.”  The disembodied voice on the line began.

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What is Self-Science?

I heard the term “self-science” for the first time approximately 34 years ago.  I had no idea that this new term would have such a profound effect upon my life.

The year was 1979 and some of the following things were happening:

  • the UK elected their first female prime minister, Margaret Thatcher;
  • Sony released the Walkman at $200 a unit;
  • the Three Mile Island nuclear accident occurred after a reactor fire;
  • the Sahara Desert experienced snow for 30 minutes; and
  • China instituted a one child per family policy to help control their exploding population.
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Age Only Counts If You Are A Cheese…

…(Or A Bottle of Wine)

When I was little, I remember people saying, “Oh no, she can’t do it. She’s too old.”

Or, ‘Let’s ask somebody younger. She’ll have more energy.”

Fifteen years ago, when we were both 56, Karen Stone-McCown and I (yes, I got her permission to say that ) started Six Seconds, a global organization supporting people-performance and positive change that now operates in 10 major regions, and supports practitioners in over 75 countries.

Then three years ago, we started an independent K-8 school, Synapse, a school that fulfills our dream of combining leading-edge instruction (brain-based, project driven, and constructivist learning in school-wide themes) with social and emotional learning.

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