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Are Diamonds and Intimacy A Girl’s Best Friends?

Well, the answer, it would seem, is it depends on the color.

I grew up with the concept that the more pure the diamond–the more clarity and clearness without flaws–the more rare it is, and therefore, the more expensive.

And, a little research on the Internet seems to confirm those old thoughts.

Sure enough, yellow color in a diamond is considered a negative, an impurity. Something about too much nitrogen.

And brown diamonds are firmly lodged at the bottom of the desirability list.

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Anabel Jensen Awarded 2012 CAG Distinguished Service Award

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Dear Six Seconds Community,

I have some exciting and enticing news to share with all of you.

Anabel has been selected as the 2012 recipient of the California Association for the Gifted (CAG) Distinguished Service Award from the Bay Area Region.  This award is given to one member in the GATE community for outstanding contributions to the interests of gifted/talented children.

Selections are based on the following criteria:
* Demonstrated excellence that benefits gifted/talented students
* Proven commitment to gifted children

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Sibling Rivalry: Jealousy and Love

I was seventeen years old and had been an only child for that entire time. I had reveled in having no rival for my parent’s love and attention. But then in the spring of 1957, my mother reported she felt nauseated.

She’d recently taken a bad fall and only went to the doctor because my dad and I urged her to make an appointment to check for a cracked rib.

Twenty four hours later my world was topsy-turvy. Mom wasn’t sick.

She was pregnant.

Thousands of thoughts steamed through my head. I would lose my parents’ focus and attention. I would lose their love. I would be displaced by a cherubic angel.

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5 Steps to Making Conscious Acts of Kindness

Twenty years ago when I began teaching in the graduate program at Notre Dame de Namur University for individuals earning a credential or master’s in education, I started a ritual.

It was the reporting of a conscious (not random but planned) act of kindness.

My reason for doing so is that being either a teacher or a student teacher is hard work and research is clear that going to the movies, having dinner with a friend, or bowling is fun while it lasts, but the effects are transitory. The ‘hangover’ effect from a good deed, however, goes on and on – much like the Energizer bunny.

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