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8 Sets of Strong Shoulders I Am Grateful For

emotional intelligence, anabel jensen, gratitudeA dwarf standing on the shoulders of a giant may see farther than a giant himself. ~Didacus Stella


All of us stand on the shoulders of others – no-one is self-made; no-one is self-sufficient; no one person has brought into being all the things that enrich and improve our lives.

And, at the start of this new, exciting year, I am grateful for many, many shoulders.

  1. Those of the dedicated, creative teachers and specialists with whom I work alongside.
  2. Those of the gifted and talented students who teach me far more than I teach them.
  3. Those of the enthusiastic and energetic parents who entrust their precious children to me daily and whose willing volunteer efforts enable us to open our doors.
  4. Those of the supportive and efficient administrative staff who keep the lights on and the organization humming.
  5. Those of the unique and hardworking colleagues who every year work with hundreds of individuals to support their development.
  6. Those of the knowledgeable and committed Boards on whom I lean and without which I would have sunk to the floor long ago.
  7. The shoulders of a loving son, and his significant other, whose connection to the past and future I cherish.
  8.  Those friends who listen and advise, who make me laugh, who instill in me anticipation for the future.


I am grateful for all who have contributed to that which is mine to enjoy—for all things initiated; for all ideas developed and improved; for all inventions, tools and curricula; for literature, for art, for drama, for music; for cherished traditions, for the freedom to grow.

Our lives grow from the toil and sweat and sacrifice of all; from the study, trial and effort of all; from the time and commitment of all.

Thank you. Happy New Year!

To whom are you grateful? Please tell us in the comments. I really appreciate it when people reply with thoughtful comments. Honestly, it makes my day.

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