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87 Ways to Be Kind and Loving

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Sometimes it feels impossible to be kind and loving, don’t you think? We get so angry and frustrated at events happening in our lives that we cannot access that loving place inside of us. Instead, our eyes go from side to side as our fists clench and minds whirr with angry thoughts. Some of us even spew those thoughts out into the world with our talk and our actions.

Or sometimes we just don’t know what to do. We have a nagging feeling that we need to be doing something but we’re just not sure what.

When this happens, I always like to sit down and take a moment to reflect.

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How To Handle Situations With Sensitivity

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It was third of July – my mother’s birthday. I was three and a half years old and I’d pleaded with my mother to let me stay all night with Grandma.

It was the enticement of playing with all my aunts, uncles and cousins that had encouraged me to ask mom for this opportunity. And what a fun night it was. Grandpa was up six times telling us to be quiet or else. (That was a record.)

Beautiful day

The next day was a typical gorgeous summer day in Idaho. We asked Grandma if we could go across the street to play on the playground equipment of the school.

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6 Sure-Fire Techniques for Healing Heartbreak

Recovering from sadness is a psychological journey we all have to take many times over. Sometimes the emotional burden is relatively light, such as when we break a favorite dish or scrape a knee. At other times, it is tremendously heavy, weighing us down like bag full of lead as we attempt to carry on functioning in our day-to-day lives.

When my marriage, which I had thought indestructible, broke down I felt just like heroine in the fairytale “The Princess with the Glass Heart”.  I felt terribly fragile, like the finest piece of Venetian glass just waiting to shatter at the slightest pressure. I needed to spend time repairing the deep crack in my heart in order that I could live healthily and vibrantly again.

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The DOs and DON’Ts of an Emotionally Intelligent Child-Centered Education

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“We create caring, nurturing adults, prepared to be productive citizens in a democratic society.”

I’m sure you’ve all seen that proclamation, there or thereabouts, as part of the mission statement of just about every school you’ve ever visited. It’s a common declaration. And meaningless if it isn’t followed.

How do we avoid turning it into a empty bunch of words? Just how do we create caring, nurturing, productive citizens?

People who will change the world in which we live

At Six Seconds, we want to create change makers.

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8 Sets of Strong Shoulders I Am Grateful For

A dwarf standing on the shoulders of a giant may see farther than a giant himself. ~Didacus Stella

All of us stand on the shoulders of others – no-one is self-made; no-one is self-sufficient; no one person has brought into being all the things that enrich and improve our lives.

And, at the start of this new, exciting year, I am grateful for many, many shoulders.

1. Those of the dedicated, creative teachers and specialists with whom I work alongside.

2. Those of the gifted and talented students who teach me far more than I teach them.

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How To Raise A Child Who Makes Your Heart Explode With Pride

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If you’re a parent, it is one of your biggest fears.

You have some friends whose child makes you wince every time s/he opens his mouth. Or is known among other parents as a bully. Your friends are constantly being called into the principal’s office to discuss their child’s behavior. And, most crushingly of all, the child is being shunned and not invited on playdates.

Your fear is that this will happen to your child. And you.

You fear that your parenting journey that started out with such joy and a tiny, wriggly bundle swaddled in a warm blanket will disintegrate into a desperate morass of negative emotion. And you desperately don’t want that to happen.

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6 Outstanding Books on Emotional Intelligence That Could Change The World

This third part in a series of posts was inspired by a recent Back-To-School night at our Six Seconds lab school, Synapse, after the father of a kindergartener requested a list of books I would recommend reading.

I dithered when he asked and then said, “Okay, I can do that.”  After some thought, I identified six enduring life lessons for creating change, six adult books that detailed these ideas, and paired them with six children’s picture books. I believe it is vastly important to grasp these notions if we want to successfully create change in our society and reading books can help us do this tremendously well. Plus, everyone loves a good, new book, don’t they? 🙂

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6 Children’s Storybooks Every Emotionally Intelligent Adult Should Read

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This is a list of fabulous books you should read.

If you have a child, I recommend you read these books together and talk about the messages inherent within them. Discuss what the message means for your own life and share that with your child. And listen carefully to what s/he has to say about his or her own interpretation of the message contained within the book both for his/herself and his/her thoughts on your sharing.

If you don’t have a child, read them anyway. We can all play, have fun and take the message on board via these means. Great insights are to be had in just minutes. Think about the characters, the plot, what the take-away is for your own life. Bring some fun to the process, write down your thoughts, apply the lesson.

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6 Surprisingly Simple Ways to Change The World

Anyone can change the world but few do so. At Synapse School, our Six Seconds lab school, it is our mission to create those who do, the change makers of our world. This guiding principle strikes at the heart of everything we do there and with the work of Six Seconds. I would like to share with you six basic tenets I think all change makers, young or old, need to have in order to make a real difference in this world. They aren’t ground-breaking or difficult, yet they are rare.

Key Concept #1:  Only change yourself.

While it is tantalizing to want to fix boyfriends, husbands, children, brothers, and sisters—let me assure you from research, from personal knowledge, and experience, you cannot.

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3 Behaviors of Young Children Every Loving Adult Must Watch Out For

I ran away from school! Not recently – when I was six. 🙂

I was in first grade and the teacher told me that she was going to keep me after school. It was the first time in my school career I was going to face a detention.

It wouldn’t have been so awful had it not been for Shirley. I looked upon her as an older woman of great experience. I hung on to her every word. After all, she was in fourth grade.


One day before the start of school, she had taken me aside and given me some very sage advice.

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