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Silver Note Memories

Little child hand with Seven finger on white background

At Synapse, the important memories are our memories of the children – moments of innocence, of naiveté; moments of expectancy and excitement; moments of joy and laughter; moments of loneliness and sadness; moments of generosity and service.

From my seven years at Synapse, I remember with joy…

  • A time when the total community opened its arms in support of a family in crisis – with love, hugs, food, a listening ear, and many of the bare necessities.
  • A woman who, at age seventy five, inspires all of us to reach a little higher, try a little harder, and believes that emotional intelligence is everywhere.
  • A child who amazes us with a perceptive comment that sees through us, beyond us, and into the next generation.
  • A teacher who, by her enthusiasm, turns a potential student into a passionate learner.
  • A parent who takes on a volunteer task that no one wants and makes the job so enticing that everyone wants it.
  • A girl who runs to inform the teacher of an emergency and thus prevents a major crisis.
  • A boy who shares his lunch with a classmate because she forgot hers.
  • A retreat where every minute of every hour is relaxed and mellow, where conversation is creative and productive.
  • A staff meeting in which an innovative solution is generated for a perplexing problem.
  • A flood of tears when a colleague, because of her husband’s challenges is forced to leave her beloved students and teaching peers.
  • The laughter when a kindergartner describes my job to me and decides I am the main aide.
  • A painting which, by its simplicity and elegance, conveys the student’s love for his task.
  • A Level 5 student who demonstrates her perseverance by trying again, again, again, and again, until the required essay was finished..
  • A small group of students who share their expertise with various members of the Board of Trustees, confirming for the Board the significance of their service.
  • A science experiment that is not only clever, but theoretically sound.
  • Eight “pioneer” families, who have the vision and trust to offer their precious children as guinea pigs for the newly established Synapse program, and who discover gold there.
  • A shy, timid, but competent youngster who becomes a risk taker socially and academically.
  • A student who discovers that a mistake can be a better teacher than perfect performance – that being wrong doesn’t have to be a horror.
  • Parents who stay involved with Six Seconds even after their children graduate from Synapse because of the unique opportunity to grow and develop their own potential.

In these and many other ways, the spirit of Synapse has expressed itself over the years – not just in the actions of the children, of course, but also in the words and deeds of the board, staff, and parents as well. As teachers we wish to give memories of encouragement, of peace, of love, of hope – memories that enrich and uplift the children’s lives wherever they go and whoever they become. May the memories from the past merge with the memories of today and tomorrow to preserve the essence of this unique learning and loving environment.

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