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Surgery a Success!

Dear Friends and Family,

Surgery was yesterday and lasted four and one-half hours. First words from the doctor were: “It was  a mess. I fixed it.”  This was followed by considerably more medical jargon. He did report that it was one of the smoothest procedures ever–I believe this was because of all the positive energy being sent my way. Thank you very much.

They removed the stomach catheter this morning (which goes through the belly button), but the uretha catheter will be in place for another ten days to prevent any germs from entering. Then in a about a month the new stent will come out.

Basically, the surgery consisted of the removal of scar tissue, which was creating an obstruction and preventing appropriate drainage from the kidney, repair of a kidney birth defect, as well as vacuuming out several stones. He is very optimistic about the future functioning of the kidney. Yea!!!!!

And, I will probably go home on Sunday. Another yea!!!

This event (before, during, and after) has reminded me how much kindness exists–especially from strangers here in the hospital–individuals such as nurses’ assistants, custodians, receptionists, menu planners, food delivery services, etc.

I know I am going to work harder to spread more kindness to those strangers with whom I am in contact each day.


  1. Will you be OK until I get there?

  2. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH FOR THE UPDATE! You are so loved Anabel by so many people, me being one! Prayers for your contiued good progress! Keep us updated! Love, Sonia

  3. Hi Anabel! I am so glad to hear of the success – surgery is scary, but the medical teams do some incredible work. You have been a hero to me since I met you at Notre Dame while getting my teaching credential, and even more so now as I see you thinking about how YOU want to be kinder to more people…

    Thank you for all YOU do for people whom you touch every day with your smile, intelligence and spirit!

  4. Anabel,

    It warms my heart to hear that your surgery was a success! I am so glad that you are surrounded by the kindness and warmth of those around you. I will continue to think of you and send you positive energy and hugs your way. Know that you are loved and thought of as you continue your recovery.

    Analia Penney

  5. Hi Anabel,
    I’m so happy to hear that your surgery went well – good news indeed!

  6. I am so grateful the surgery was a success!!!

  7. Hi Anabel,

    What a relief! I am so very glad to hear this good news. Best wishes for a speedy recovery. Keep us posted on your progress!



  8. Dear Anabel,
    Very good news indeed. I send you lots of love and courage. Heal quickly!

  9. Good hearing such good news. Rest, relax, and heal. Everyone is sending positive love❤️❤️

  10. Hi Professor,
    I am so glad to hear the wonderful news of a successful surgery.
    Kindness by other makes the biggest difference and I will continue to pray for your healing!

  11. Hi Anabel,

    Wish you speedy and complete recovery. Rest well. And hope to meet you one day back in Singapiore again!

    Warmest regards

    Steven Seek
    Six Seconds EQ Practitioner

  12. Wonderful news! So glad it went well!

  13. Good to hear I have been wondering about you I go in to have my kidney removed on Wednesday I will keep sending you lots of positive thoughts and love hugs to you
    Angie hill

  14. I am so grateful Anabel!
    All my love and warm wishes.

  15. Hi Anabel,
    What great news! Sending you more positive energy and healing as you continue to recover.

  16. Hi Anabel,

    So grateful to hear this wonderful news. Sending all the positive thoughts for a speedy healing.

    Love and Hugs.

  17. Great news!
    Sending positive thoughts your way.

  18. Annabelle – Met you 15 years ago – haven’t seen you since – and the impression you left still looms so large. Can’t imagine you being any kinder than you already are. Regularly think of you telling us about how your granddaughter copied your reading habits – pretending to read – with your exact motions, reminding you – and then me – about what an impact we can have without even being aware. Clearly you matter greatly to everyone you touch. Get well fast – we need your goodness to keep spreading in it’s contagious manner. Warmly, MJ

  19. So glad to hear your news. Am sending you lots of love and healing powers!! Lots of love, Peckie

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